This unusual name is short for Urban Masquerade. Created in 2015, the concept of Umasqu is to create unique abstract pieces to give a new artistic touch to your interior architecture.

What is this?

Tzachi Nevo, the designer who founded Umasqu, calls these items “wall decor”. After graduating from the Academy of Arts and Design, Nevo spent years working in advertising. 25 years, to be precise. After this long period of maturation, he found his inspiration in human and animal faces, that felt more familiar to him than other subjects.

He considers these subjects as a “playground” where his art can freely express itself: by deconstructing and reconstructing various living forms, it allows him to integrate various influences, from cubism to steampunk, or even, in the case of his latest collection: African masks like Picasso did in his time and ancient tribe masks in general.

So, I guess it is awfully expensive?

Yeah… No. Actually, one of the main principles in Nevo’s work is to make art affordable. Obviously, it also means that the pieces are not unique, per say, though they are in very limited numbers. To achieve this goal, Nevo decided to apply “maker technology” to his art, so he can produce several pieces of each creation, and make it affordable for others than museums and big collectors.

This is the baseline of Umasqu’s philosophy, which is perfectly coherent with the concept itself: to customize the walls of your house, your office, or any place you want to give an original twist with playful, colorful art that triggers one’s curiosity and sensitivity.

The collection we have selected for you is inspired by ancient civilizations’ traditions, after years of observation to try to apprehend the essence of these cultures, to understand them, and give them a contemporary twist that corresponds to Nevo’s world and way of thinking.

A huge amount of intellectual and artistic work is condensed in this collection that requires a remarkably open and sharp mind to create. Now, Nevo’s work is starting to take off very fast, and he has already decorated numerous hotel rooms and offices in various countries, such as Google Israel or a luxurious hotel in Nice, on the Côte d’Azur.