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Umasqu : Ethnic Art Decoration for everyone

Diminutive of Urban Masquerade, the African mask revisited Umasqu is inspired by an abstract graphic aesthetic between ethnic african style and cubism. The Umasqu mask brings a very special atmosphere to an interior: a touch of originality between futuristic design and realistic inspirations.

Through unique and singular pieces, the Umasqu collections arouse emotion while expressing a need to work by hand on the design product. Created by the designer Tzachi Nevo, the house Umasqu, imagines playful and colorful wall decorations with a graphic and abstract aesthetic.

What is Umasqu?

Umasqu decorative interior design mask

Born in Israel, Umasqu is a brand of modern and unique wall decorations. Its founder, Tzachi Nevo, began working with three-dimensional creations of familiar images such as human faces and animal heads. Affirming his love for the games and toys of his childhood, the designer publishes with a touch of humor offbeat accessories, inspired by books, drawings and comics that awaken his imagination.

Each Umasqu mask is made in Tel Aviv, Israel. Tzachi Nevo is famous there for its custom decorated walls. In an effort to create affordable art while continuing to play with familiar faces, Umasqu continues to create surrealist decorative pieces. For example, its Modern African collection is inspired by the great tradition of African masks and their inherent lack of realism.

Made of layers that combine different wood species, some of these hand-painted masks may look similar, but none of them look exactly alike. Discover a world of bewitching colors and ephemeral escapes where the slightest glance will seem to be the first, thanks to the uniqueness of each creation.

Through its wall decorations, Umasqu invites your interior to a singular journey where imperfection makes the work only perfect.

Who is Tzachi Nevo, the creator of Umasqu?

Tzachi Nevo

Tzachi Nevo is an Israeli in his fifties. He is the creator and designer of the Umasq brand, which he created in 2015. Unique for these modern art wall masks. He has made a name for himself notably in Paris where he contributed to ephemere decorations and exhibitions at the BHV and the Galeries Lafayette.

This designer, as he says, is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Before he became a highly regarded designer in the French capital, he worked in advertising and internet advertising for 25 years.

At the beginning of his fifties, he decided to open his atelier in Israel and create these masks in 3 dimensions, of African inspiration and in the modern style, cubism, steampunk with its human and animal faces. 

What are the creator's influences in his designs?

Many artists say that they have dreamed of some of their works. Others say that they experience mystical states and are as if connected to other dimensions that they consider to be the source of their creative inspiration. Cubism and ethnic universe is omnipresent in his creations, let's discover together what it means exactly!

What's the Cubism?

Picasso cubism inspiration

Cubism is an artistic movement that developed from 1908 to 1914 mainly thanks to the painters Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. After the First World War, this movement ran out of steam before dying out in the 1920s. The term cubism comes from the reflections of Henri Matisse followed by the art critic Louis Vauxcelles, who, to describe a painting by Braque, spoke of "small cubes". 

Cubism has its roots in black African art and in the paintings of the post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne. Unlike the Impressionists, who tend to drown volumes in explosions of color, the Cubists will limit their palette: they will use almost only unsaturated colors and bring out the volumes.

It is from 1908 onwards that Picasso and Braque applied their theories, not only to landscapes but also to still lives and the human figure. The painting Les "Demoiselles d'Avignon" by Picasso, is generally considered as the first cubist painting.

African Style

african mask for interior design

The patterns and colors on African art are an invaluable source of inspiration for him. First of all from the point of view of color. Indeed, the play of colors are often very relevant and original against the association of complementary colors already seen in many Western creations.

But observing the patterns of African fabrics also interests Tzachi Nevo in terms of form and composition. We like from time to time to take a break to entertain our eyes and observe these ethnics masks with this modern touch.

The Outsiders Journey & Umasqu

We are delighted to present you the fruits of our collaboration with Umasqu. We were eager to offer their work on our online store. We have been following their work for some time now. We are fortunate to have a selection of dolls. Here are 6 of them, of an exceptional quality. Always handmade. Always with passion.

Umasqu mask chilli tribe 1

Chili Tribe Dolls #1

Inspired by the great tradition of African masks and their lack of realism, this decorative wooden doll designed and painted by hand is inspired by ethnic colors and patterns. A real decorative doll made of colored wood.

Umasqu decorative mask chilli tribe 2

Chili Tribe Dolls #2

Chili Doll # 2 is part of the Chili-Tribe Dolls Collection. It is inspired by observations and an interest in ancient cultural faces and masks with a modern twist. There are similarities with the Modern African Collection but this collection is more detailed and decorated.

Umasqu decorative mask chilli tribe 3

Chili Tribe Dolls #3 

All Chili Dolls are made from a combination of several different layers of materials such as veneer, MDF, laminate, plexiglass, plastic and felt with the laser cutting method. They are hand painted and the whole process ends with bonding and gluing all layers.

Umasqu decorative mask chilli tribe 4

Chili Tribe Dolls #4 

This mask is to be put on a desk, a shelf or a console, in your living room or in your child's bedroom. All the masks in the collection are unique with their own character and just like us humans, they have some imperfections but that is what makes them perfect.

Umasqu decorative mask chilli tribe 5

Chili Tribe Dolls #5 

Inspired by the traditional South American masks and their lack of realism, the Chili Tribe collection by Umasqu revisits this ethnic art around graphic and contemporary lines.

Umasqu decorative mask chilli tribe 6

Chili Tribe Dolls #6

Made of wood and hand-painted, each model is distinguished by its unique character and colorful patterns. This playful decorative accessory to be posed invites itself as well in a bedroom as in a living room!

As usual, comment in the section provided to give us your feedback if you ordered one of these beautiful dolls to decorate your home. Also, do not hesitate to follow us on our social networks, we are always happy to exchange with you. See you next time