Bottle Plant Salix Gracilistyla | 30 ml

Bottle Plant Salix Gracilistyla | 30 ml

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한국의 수제 병 공장

You won't need a trip to Japan to feel the beauty of its nature.

For this vegetation to develop on these all around depleted however now and then dry season stricken blocks, it needs the ocean shower from the banks of China, Korea and Japan. Its phenomenal inflorescences can sprout against winds and tides.

With its little tufts called "kittens" that blossom toward the finish of winter, this natural, spike-formed species offers a delicate appear through the straightforward Slow Pharmacy bottles. The shade of its cats changes between blue, pink and brilliant blossoms with gleaming reflections.

제품 특성

Product Characteristics

  • Salix Gracilistyla specimen
  • Real plant
  • 30ml container
  • 7.5*3cm container
  • Each plant is different, each model is unique: the size and shape of the plant can vary
  • Do not drink the liquid
  • Made in Korea

This specimen isn't available in a 200 ml bottle plant. However, you can browse the Slow Pharmacy collection to find a bottle plant that may correspond better to you.

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Learn more about Slow Pharmacy

Made in Seoul, each specimen will remain unchanged for up to a year. A way of looking at life from a calmer, more peaceful perspective, the collection is inspired by founders Lee Gu-reum and Jeong U-seong and their shared passion for indoor gardening.

The founders of Slow Pharmacy generously share their knowledge and passion with those who visit their store, where dozens of plants are grown. The atmosphere here is not only greenhouse-like, with lush greenery and delicate foliage, but also like a neighborhood pharmacy where friendly conversations flow. More than just a business transaction, your visit will be filled with shared stories and 100% personalized service based on your needs.

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