Timex roots date back to 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut, a time when how you made something was just as important as what you made.

While Waterbury boomed with brass, Timex added American ingenuity to European clockmaking. The result was mass-production 40 years before the Model T and a $6 clock almost everyone could afford.

More than 160 years after Timex still produce timeless and solid watches, perfect for your next journey.

You get antsy when you’re indoors for too long. Your adventurous spirit takes you anywhere from the top of mountains to the deepest realms of the ocean. Can your watch keep up with you?

Outdoor watches do far more than tell time. With durable materials and battery life, you can rely on these watches to keep up with your adventurous lifestyle. Most are designed with features specific to particular outdoor activities, but others are versatile enough to manage various experiences.